Why does Arnab Goswamy talks rubbish about Kashmir's leaders running freedom movement & using Indian passports too for travelling abroad?
2014-05-04 10:18:02 UTC
branding that to be unfair ? In any territory, declared 'disputed' by international organisation, till the dispute is finally solved, does he mean that freedom aspirers have no right to travel abroad & having a TRAVELLING DOCUMENT even temporarily ? A passport is used for travelling & for the identity of a person living in the area. The occupier nation has responsibility to issue a travelling document as per universal declaration of human rights by UNO, irrespective of the prejudice of the citizen of the state so that human rights are not curbed. According to A. Goswamy of 'Times Now' TV channel, Yasin Malik, Syed Ali Shah Geelani & Mirwaiz Maulvi Umar Farooq must not have an Indian passport & run freedom struggle against India. If he is correct, how will they travel abroad if they do not apply for Indian passport ? UNO does not open passport issuing office in all disputed territories & leaves local issues to the existing local authority irrespective of being legitimate or not. Should having a 'travelling document' be conditional to surrendering the soul & consense to illegal occupier ?
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2014-05-04 10:36:15 UTC
If the passports are legal,why not ?
2014-05-05 09:24:58 UTC
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2014-05-06 08:28:24 UTC
it was said bt Sheikh abdual alos while taking out passport they declare allegienc eto iNdai for limited purpose. who participated in serial bomb blast also had indian passport
NSG Commando
2014-05-06 22:14:52 UTC
Its not about travelling abroad,its about travelling to a country like Pakistan,and sharing the dais with a terrorist leader like Hafiz Saeed who is sworn to destroy India, which is wrong

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